About FENSA Card

FENSA Card – For FENSA members with
MTCs and co-branded with your company
so consumers can check your ID for
peace of mind.

The recently launched FENSA Card is a membership ID card for individuals who work for FENSA certified businesses who have achieved their individual compliance (MTCs) through the existing “FENSA MTC Card Scheme” (or other industry equivalent). 

The FENSA Card replaces the existing FENSA MTC Card, and will be issued as a replacement when that card expires.  If you want a FENSA Card before then just contact Helix Training.  A new card will cost £20 + VAT.  A replacement card is free.

What are the key benefits of the FENSA Card?

The FENSA Card offers an array of benefits, including:

  • Co-branding: The card is co-branded with your company name and logo alongside the FENSA logo, meaning you can clearly show homeowners you are a member of FENSA, the largest competent persons scheme for the glazing industry
  • Homeowner assurance: By displaying the FENSA Card you automatically boost consumer confidence because they are engaging with a reputable trader
  • Clear Identification: The FENSA Card provides a clear identification point for homeowners to check that those who carry the card are certified FENSA members
  • Enhanced security: With features, such as a hologram, to prevent counterfeiting.

Helix Training is a passionate advocate for the raising of standards within the glass and glazing industry. As a community, installers and surveyors overwhelmingly support this stance and are keen to improve the perception of the industry to homeowners. This unified goal is backed by FENSA, the largest competent persons scheme for the glazing industry, which have recently launched the highly anticipated FENSA Card. Helix Training is delighted to further their existing partnership with FENSA, by being the approved issuing authority for the FENSA Card