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Before completing the registration form, make sure you know which route to FENSA MTC compliance is best suited for you. For more information visit the ‘Routes to Compliance’ page.

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  • If you register for Industry Experience Assessments or Qualification these address details will be used to progress your registration with a delivery centre in your region
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Registration Details

If you are applying for FENSA Company Registration please enter: 00000

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  • Installer
  • Surveyor
  • Installer & Surveyor
  • Industry Experience
    I declare that I have at least two years of relevant industry experience and knowledge of installing/surveying replacement glazing in domestic properties against BS 8213-4: 2016 or the GGF Guide to Good Practice: Installation of Replacement Windows and Doors 2016 I agree to undertake relevant Online and Onsite Assessment.
  • Qualification Route
    By selecting this route I commit to completing a relevant NVQ qualification.
  • Existing Qualification
    I have an NVQ Qualification relevant to my occupation that has been awarded in the last 5 years
  • Existing Qualification - Continued Professional Development (CPD)
    I have an NVQ Qualification relevant to my qualification that was awarded over 5 years ago