Digital Transformation

Business Skills

Digital integration is a challenge facing many businesses. For those in leadership and management positions, there is an eagerness to assimilate the business within the digital landscape but a general uncertainty on the approach and where to begin.

To provide clarity and guidance, Helix Training are proud to partner with the Building Merchants Federation (BMF)  to offer an integral course in this area – Digital Transformation. This one day course will look at and help you understand how best to digitally market your organisation to your customers. Manufacturers and system houses in particular will find this course and its content highly relevant. 

The course content covers:

What is digital disruption and how is it impacting the economy?

• The speed of change
• The Internet of Things
• Why is digital important now?
• Real life examples
• Driving
• Grocery shopping
• Transportation
• Personal Life
• Banking
• Learning
• Business
• Waves of disruption
• Disruptors coming to a market near you…..
• The cost of doing nothing

How important is digital in the merchant space?

• The quiet evolution of the techie tradesman’

The Complexity of the Merchant Market 

• Channel conflict
• Pricing complexity
• Legacy
• Sales culture 
• IT infrastructure 
• Leadership 

Digital success cases within a B2B market 

Creating a Customer-Focused Strategy

• Customer Centric Strategy
• Customer Profiling 
• The Customer Journey 
• Crowdsourcing
• Customer Experience 
• The New Battleground
• Net Promoter Score
• The Reach of Social Media
• What are customers’ digital expectations and behaviours?
• The impact of Demographics 

Success factors within B2B Digital

• Enablement
• Product Data
• Data Management
• Customer Data
• Integrated Strategy
• Convenience
• The Killer App

Developing a Digital Strategy

• Strategy vs Tactics
• What is a Digital Strategy?

Driving Change

• Top challenges to digital transformation
• Transforming People and Culture
• Agility
• Operational Impact
• 5 Steps to enabling digital skills transformation

How to Start the Process…

• What are the key priorities for digital transformation?
• Outsource vs In-House

The Leadership Challenge (Driving Digital Transformation)

• What is leadership’s role in driving and sponsoring digital transformation?

The cost of this course is £250  + VAT. Overnight accommodation can be advised upon if required. 

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